Hermann Wislicenus (1825-1899).Barbarossa’s awakening, 1880.

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"Now, in the Hippodrome there was a tower which stood opposite the spectators; beneath it were the starting posts, which opened into the racecourse through parallel arches and above were fixed four gilt-bronze horses, their necks somewhat curved as if they eyed each other as they raced round the last lap."

Nicetas Choniates, an 8th Century Byzantine historian wrote of these horses when they first stood at the Hippodrome in Constantinople. Following the 1204 sack of the city by Western forces during the Fourth Crusade, they were pillaged by Venetian general Enrico Dandolo. Sent to Venice, they were eventually placed over the portico of the Basilica of St Mark. 

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Edwin Long - Queen Esther (1878)

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Frans Hals - Portrait of a Woman (Marie Larp?)   (about 1635-8) 

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"what can you do with an art history degree???"




Madonna and Child, 17th Century. Detail.

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art history meme • [5/7] sculptures/other medium 

the unicorn tapestries

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Petra - Jordan (von Lauras Eye)

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Child’s amulet / talisman; gold, tiger’s claw

Chinese Peranakan people, Indonesia- Java, 

Late 19th - early 20th century

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Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Apollo e Daphne

from Ovid’s Metamorphoses

marble, 1622-25, Galleria Borghese, Roma

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