Architectural details inside Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse in Colorado, USA (by wallyg).

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Tomás Yepes

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'Pompeii. Gods, Myths, Man' exhibition opens at Bucerius Kunst Forum in Hamburg



HAMBURG.- For the very first time one of the large villas of Pompeii is being shown in an exhibition in its entirety. The presentation at the Bucerius Kunst Forum is based on the architectural design of the house. It displays the magnificent décor in its original context. The unusually…

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Celebrity Magazine Covers Seamlessly Blended With Classic Paintings

by Eisen Bernard Bernando

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Islamic art

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Lake Suwa, No. 44 (8th additional woodcut) from Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji, Katsushika Hokusai, ca. 1830

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Bec du Hoc, GrandcampGeorges Seurat, 1885

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A few details from the Standard of Ur.

Found in southern Iraq, and dating to about 2600-2400 BCE, the Standard of Ur depicts one of the earliest representations of a Sumerian army.

Courtesy of & currently located at The British Museum, London: ME 121201. Photos taken by Steven Zucker.

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ART HISTORY MEME → [6/7] sculptures or other media
The Martyrdom of St. Cecilia, Stefano Maderno, 1599-1600

Considered to be his magnum opus, Maderno’s sculpture of St. Cecilia is a stark contrast to the typical baroque style. It is not a dramatic, idealized depiction of the saint, but a graphic portrayal of her corpse. St. Cecilia’s tomb was rediscovered in 1599 during the renovation of the church St. Cecilia in Trastevere in Rome. When the priests opened the tomb, they discovered her incorrupt corpse. Maderno was commissioned the same year to replicate the body in marble in the position it supposedly had been found.

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Archangel Michael by the Master of Castelsardo, early 16th century Sardinia

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